Coming November, 2024

SEARCH retreats in the Diocese of Saskatoon.

HAVE YOU EVER ASKED YOURSELF: Who am I? Where do I belong? What am I going to do with my life? Where is God in my life?
HAVE YOU EVER FELT: Misunderstood? Alone in the world?
Uncertain about your choices in life? Rejected by your friends for wanting to do the right thing?

DO YOU DESIRE: To be a good person? To make a difference? To be more like Jesus?

Our retreat is peer based, revolving around 11 talks given by young adults for young adults.  Our objective is to provide a safe and open atmosphere for young adults to explore their faith with other persons their age. 


Can’t wait to see you,
Search Leadership Team


What Is Search?

SEARCH for Christian Maturity is an annual weekend retreat for young people affiliated with the Roman Catholic Diocese, however Search has had candidates from different faiths and denominations. 

Who Attends?

The retreat is for  young people from 10th to 12th grade. 

All are welcome. It is for anyone looking to strengthen his or her relationship with God, or even begin a relationship for the first time. 

What goes on at SEARCH?

Young people from many different churches are able to meet, make friends, have meaningful discussions, and learn more about what it means to be a Christian.

Small groups, music, activities, prayer time, and important talks given by other young people are just a few of the things that make the retreat great.

Why attend?

Attending Search is a great way to deepen or even begin a close, personal relationship with God. 

You will have a great time, make friends and  forge lasting memories.

What’s so special about SEARCH?

Search is a retreat unlike any others.

One of the main reasons it’s different is the weekend is led by young people.  The young people leading the retreat are ‘Past Searchers’ or ‘Search Alumni’ who found that SEARCH deepened their relationship with God and want to give back a little of what they experienced.
But honestly, the best way to find out what’s so special about Search is to come find out for yourselves!

Where and when?

The Retreat takes place Friday, 7:30 PM to Sunday, 3:00 PM at E.D. Feehan High School in Saskatoon

What to bring and accommodations?

Search is held at E.D. Feehan High School. Classrooms will be our dorms for the weekend. Bring an air mattress / soft mattress as we will be ‘on the floor’. We want to encourage connections as well as focus, so we ask participants to please refrain from emailing, cell phone activity, etc during the retreat as we want your full and undivided attention! SEARCHERS have found that taking a digital break for the weekend is really helpful. You can “leave your phone at home”. Emergency contact is always available. It can get warm / dry in the school, so a water bottle & lip balm are a great asset to have. Showers are located in the Gym locker rooms, so bring your toiletries to freshen up, as well as a towel. Sleeping bags are the most convenient bedding. A more extensive list will be shared once your registration is confirmed. 



Diet Restrictions

If you have dietary restrictions, please email the SEARCH board ( at least one week before the retreat with relevant information.

 Consent Forms/Safe Environment

Anyone who attends a SEARCH weekend must complete and submit the consent form that will be sent to you. Please return it to prior to the weekend.

Safe Environment

Anyone 18 and older must be up to date on all Diocesan Covenant of Care Requirements before they can attend.


Both New SEARCHers and Team members will receive a letter prior to the weekend with further details.  Watch your mail!


Cancellation/Refund Policy

Please be aware of our policies regarding cancellations as follows: It sometimes becomes necessary for the Saskatoon SEARCH to cancel a scheduled event due to low numbers, weather, or other extenuating circumstances.  Please note that every attempt possible will be made to notify you of this cancellation.  If SEARCH does cancel an event, all fees will be fully reimbursed. Due to overwhelming demand and the need for advance planning, we require a definite commitment from participants.  Therefore, all payments are nonrefundable. Please be aware that these policies are in place so that we may be as fair as possible to all groups and so that we may prepare adequately for the participants who are able to attend.